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I'm Donna


You may remember me as Donna from Raindove Reflexology.  

Raindove sadly closed down in 2018 for a variety of work and personal reasons.  Closing down was a decision that was not easy and quite frankly made me very sad.

Well not to worry; I’m back, better and stronger than before! To quote a line from the song ‘About Damn Time’ by Lizzo…”Bitch, I might be better!” (My anthem song…give it a listen).

In the intervening time I have been working with students with additional needs, a role I absolutely adore. My life mantra, purpose, ethos or whatever you want to call it is; to support others to live their best life.  My students, or My Guys as I call them, are such a major source of inspiration in my life.  So much so that I pushed myself well out of my comfy zone to write and illustrate a childrens’ book. (link below if you are interested). The book is still doing well and even reached Number 1 Best Seller status in several categories.

Reflexology wise; my passion for women’s wellbeing has grown.  I am interested in female hormones and how they impact every part of our lives. As Raindove reflexology I specialised in Conception/Fertility reflexology and Pregnancy/Maternity reflexology.  I am still working in these areas, as well as updating my skills and training in Peri/Menopause reflexology and Women’s Wellbeing.  This is partly because I am moving from the child bearing age and evolving into the wise woman phase of my life. Not to mention that I am having a terrible time with perimenopause myself! So in a search to help myself, I reignited my desire to support others through all the challenges we face as beings with an ovulatory system!

To change the subject; you may (or may not!) have noticed my business name change.  I am now ………… long drum roll please…Women’s Wellbeing - Reflexology & Aesthetics.  The Women’s Wellbeing/Reflexology parts have been covered above. But  Aesthetics?! What’s that all about!

Well hold on to your bra straps ladies! 

I am excited and proud to announce that I am undertaking extensive training to become a qualified aesthetics practitioner. 

Soon I will be fully trained and insured to fondle your feet AND uncrinkle your wrinkles!!!!

I’m going to leave you with whatever image that sentence created in your head.

All the best and I really hope to see you soon x


P.s Here is a link to my book! 

Association of Reflexologists

Click on the image to check that I am a Full Member of the AoR

Being a full member means that my credentials are scrutinized! My initial training and training providers are checked to ensure that they are up to scratch.  A record is kept of the required Continued Personal Development that I must do.  In addition to this I can ask for advice and guidance from extremely qualified and experienced professionals! It's a win for me and a win for you!

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