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Winter Warmer Pamper Package

I think it’s safe to say that the cooler weather is now upon us!

We have crispy mornings with bright blue skies, the leaves are fluttering down around us in a myriad of reds, oranges and yellows. (This is my favourite time of year; I adore the colours, aromas and a coolness to the air.) Buuuuuuut, we also have the longer, darker, colder nights causing us to crave coziness, warmth and comfort.

That’s where I come in with the comforting, cozy, indulgent ‘Winter Warmer Pamper Package’

Picture this…………….

You walk into my peaceful Wellness Room and flop down into a comfy chair where I wrap you in a snuggly blanket; you immediately allow your shoulders to drop and begin to unwind.  Your senses are delighted as calming music surrounds you, the air is abundant with the delicious scent of calming essential oils.

While I look after you and prepare a warm drink and tasty treat, you plunge your exhausted, aching tootsies into a pleasantly warm foot bath; brimming with soothing magnesium salts and relaxing essential oils.

Bliss is on the way…………………

As you allow yourself this time to be at peace, I lovingly exfoliate your calves and feet.  Then it’s on to the cozy, heated bed where I smother your feet in a nourishing foot mask then slip them into a pair of heated booties. Meanwhile you luxuriate in the warmth of the heated bed and booties while the foot mask does it’s job.

Just as you think you couldn’t relax any more………………..

I drape a hot towel over your face and apply deep soothing pressure as you dissolve in delight into the comfy, snuggly bed.  Drift away as I pamper your tired skin with a double cleanse and exfoliation; leading into an indulgent, blissful face massage.  Next I smooth a rejuvenating face mask onto your freshly pampered face and move the pampering down to your hard working hands.

Can you cope with anymore pleasure?.....................

While your face mask does it’s thing; I remove your hot booties then knock you out with a lower leg and foot massage to die for! Releasing tension from areas you never even knew where tense.  Once you have relaxed deeply and completely then floated off to pamper heaven, I gently bring you back to life with a final cleanse and application of unctuous face serums and nurturing creams.  You will feel so blissed out, so comforted, so cozy and warm that you will never want to leave……………

Remember you can have this experience whenever you want! There are gift vouchers available, so indulge yourself or treat someone you care about.  All new clients receive a ‘refer a friend’ card offering yourself and a friend a 10% discount off your next treatments!

To book: Call/Text/WhatsApp me on 07476 138386

Or check out my website

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