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Little Hannah, who uses a wheelchair and communication aids, learns to stand strong in the face of adversity. After discovering that she can be resilient and have faith in herself, she realizes that she can do whatever she puts her mind to. With the help of her trusty pug, Pixie, Hannah learns that she can do anything she wants to do, she just needs to believe in herself. Follow Hannah and Pixie pug on a journey that proves she CAN do it, she just does it differently!


Believe in yourself and you can do anything! "I just do it differently!" is a children's book about disabilities and resilience. Pixie Pug, one of the story's rescue animals, helps Hannah through some challenging emotions. "I just do it differently!" is a positive and empowering tale proving to everyone that all you need to do is believe in yourself and you can do anything! It is so important for all children to learn that they hold the power over how they feel. That using positive self talk and changing the way they respond to a challenging situation, or challenging emotions rather than simply reacting, can make all the difference in achieving their goals.

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Empathy, excitement, determination and sheer love!!

"This book is really something special, the power, empathy and love was so well shown in this story!
Hannah is a fantastic character who has such life struggles but she really shows her audience that she has so much inner strength and belief in herself.
Also Pixie pug also stole my heart, he is just the most amazing pug I’ve seen and his flappy, floppy tongue ha!
I look forward to seeing more from this Aurhor I hope very very soon!"


A Bit About
Donna Grinyer - Author

Donna is mother to two beautiful daughters, a couple of cats, a crazy new frenchie puppy and a smelly little pug! She spent most of her career working in education; in particular with students who live with physical and or learning challenges. She is a compassionate soul with a determined and adventurous spirit. She also likes nothing more than releasing her inner child causing a little bit of mischief!
Donna tenaciously pushes herself everyday to overcome her own disabilities in order to work in the career she loves and enjoys so much. Her dedication and love is so great that she is now undertaking teacher training in order to advance in this wonderful area of education. In her work she strives to inspire her students to realize their potential; to figure out how to do tasks as independently as possible and facilitate their understanding, as well as encourage the belief that they can do whatever they want, they might just do it differently!
A strongly held belief of hers is that everyone has the right to be included in life, to feel valued, to contribute and to know that no matter what difficulties they have, that they are loved and respected. Through compassion and empathy she guides young people with additional needs to learn to help themselves; by offering educational, emotional, as well as, physical support.
Through her teaching and writing Donna’s goal is to encourage resilience, self belief, mental toughness and positive self talk in children; in order to stand them in good stead for the many and varied challenges of adulthood. She achieves this by reinforcing the message for them to be happy in themselves and ensuring that they always know that they are doing their best, that they are important and that they can contribute, even if they do it differently.

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